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Root Canal Treatment

A Root Canal Treatment {RCT) is carried out to repair and restore a tooth that has been badly decayed or infected and comes under a branch of dentistry called Endodontics. The RCT actually focuses on the elimination of any infection to the Pulp Chamber of the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment is the last option to save the tooth failing which the tooth has to be extracted. After the RCT the tooth is basically dead as the entire pulp inside the tooth is removed and filled with an inert material.

Root Canal Treatment

When is RCT Required?

When tooth decay occurs and is detected, a normal filling procedure is carried out. However, if this tooth decay is not detected, it progresses to deeper layers and finally reaches the pulp chamber. When the tooth decay reaches the Pulp chamber, there is no alternative but to perform a Root Canal Treatment. This is because the infection in the pulp chamber must be removed else it will progress further.

What is the Pulp Chamber?

The pulp chamber is the innermost layer of the tooth. It is present at the center of the tooth and consists of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. It is through these blood vessels the tooth receives nutrition. The cells in the pulp chamber are predominantly odontoblast cells (cells that form dentin) apart from other cells.

The pulp chamber is broad at the center and narrows to a very thin root canal that runs towards the root.

What if I don't undergo an RCT?

It is essential for you to undergo the Root Canal Treatment to save your tooth failing which you might loose your tooth. The bacterial infection in your pulp can cause tooth abscess, bone loss around root tip and swelling which can spread to your face and neck.

Why has been my Pulp Infected?

You might be thinking why did the infection to the pulp occur in the first place. There can be quite a few causes for this such as:

  • Tooth Decay that wasn’t detected and spread to your pulp
  • Large fillings
  • Secondary Caries after tooth filling which lead to further decay progressing to your
  • Physical trauma to the tooth by accidental
  • Spread of infection from periodontal pockets to the pulp

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